Ep. 02: South by South Cast (SXSW Gaming 2017 Retrospective)

April 1, 2017

See SXSW Gaming like you've never seen it before... through audio. Tag along with JD and Kyle as they frolic through the retelling of JD's FIRST EVER and Kyle's DEFINITELY NOT FIRST EVER SXSW experience. Highlights include talking about video games for people who don't like video games, trying to understand what the heck "fun" means, irritating question askers (one of whom may or may not be JD herself), Kyle stealing all of JD's potential friends, Kyle the Illustrator (but not the Kyle you're thinking of), JD's strange and passionate love of bloody cymbal crashes, and three tabletop games from Kickstarter that are just plain ol' super neat. Also Kyle loves Devolver and JD messes up not one, not two, but THREE different names and game titles. And those are just the comical errors she knows about! The possibilities are endless. 

Stuff we mentioned...
Horizon Zero Dawn (which JD misnames)
SXSW Gaming
Brie Code
Tru Luv Media
Sagan Yee
Game Curious
Sheri Graner Ray (pretty sure JD messes up her name too)
Eve Thomas
Devolver Digital
Ape Out
Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor (which JD also consistently incorrectly names)
Kyle The Illustrator
Beasts of Balance
Red Rope: Don't Fall Behind

JD (The Broad)
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Kyle (The Cast)
Website: KyleArmstrong.com
Twitter: @kyl_armstrong
Instagram: @kyle_sans_kyle
Youtube: Bounce House

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